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Desktop Computer Component & Performance Considerations

Desktop PC Processor and Graphics Performance Considerations Back to the 1980’s, my introduction to the computer was the commodore 16, then later the upgrade to the Commodore 64… what a machine that was. I recall having to use a small screwdriver to align the head of the cassette deck to play certain games. ¼ turn […]

responsive website design responsive web design

5 Reasons for Responsive Website Design

Five Reasons to consider Responsive Web Design for Small Business Brief History In 2007, Apple launched the new iPhone, the first true mobile device with the ability to browse the internet, and shortly after we say the launch of the 3G version, sometime around 2008. It ultimately killed off Nokia, and Blackberry hasn’t recovered since. The […]

Build your own PC from scratch

Build your own PC from scratch When you build a computer from scratch you have the ability to choose exactly the type of configuration you want and tailor it exactly to your own needs. Unfortunately, there are lots of things you need to take into account, such as computer component compatibility, which can make the […]

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