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The cryptolocker infection & successful removal

The cryptolocker infection & successful removal This month has been a strange one in terms of Malware infections, where we had two different companies contact us, looking for assistance in cleaning the cryptolocker infection from their computers. The two clients had similar issues – documents and files were encrypted and the attacker was looking for […]

Computer Virus and Malware Removal

Ransomware Prevention – Cryptolocker Removal Process

Ransomware Prevention – Cryptolocker Removal Process It’s extremely important to ensure all your computers in your network are upto date and are able to in place to aid with ransomware prevention techniques. This month has been a strange one in terms of Malware infections, and particular whats known as Ransomware, in which we had two different […]

Global Data Security Flaw – Change Passwords Now!

Massive Internet Security Breach Please read this email, it really does affect everybody. Yesterday I received an email from a partner,, who watch over some of my websites. They were very prompt in addressing the issue about the latest heartbleed security flaw. To that that the Internet security people started to get a little […]

Understanding Malware

Understanding Malware Malware is a big problem for computer owners and there are many different types of malware. These are malicious programs that cause problems for your computer. Sometimes these programs try to gain information from your computer such as bank account numbers or credit card information. They can be in the form of scripts, […]

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