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Digital Marketing

The Local Enterprise boards are offering online trading vouchers to entitle them to up to 50% off of their online marketing or a website design project. This is a great incentive as all businesses need a website. Furthermore, the website needs to be dynamic, with lots of content and useful information, engaging your potential clients, partners etc.

Static websites don’t really work and take a lot of manual effort to get the search engine optimisation to be carried out on site to get the site organically listed for a particular term in Google or Bing. Also statistics show that most people browse the internet pr access internet based applications on the Internet between 7 – 10pm every evening, so your website needs to be optimised for mobile sites – this term is called a “Responsive Website”.

We’ll talk more about those in future posts. For an example of a responsive site, look at the Nortside Enterprise Centre website. View it on a mobile, tablet or a PC. Infact, view the website on a PC, and change the size of the browsers window. You will see it pull to the left and fold in and shrink down to suit the portal its being viewed in.

In the meantime, take a look at the Fingal Enterprise Board offer here.

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