Data Network Installation

Are you a small to medium sized business looking to get your data network installation up and running, quickly, efficiently and with no fuss? Does your data network run a little slower than it used to? Have you upgraded to a faster broadband provider, such as UPC fibre broadband for business or home, but can’t see any real benefit from this super fast broadband service. Are even looking to have someone help set up your data network properly? Are you in need of having a WiFi data network installed in your business or simply having the WiFi range increased in your home? Well we can help.

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So how we can help you?

All of our engineers are data trained. Not all electricians are trained to data network cabling specification, so having an electrician run your data cabling while you are getting electrical wiring done may not be a great idea. A lot of electricians will class data cables like telecoms cables. Data cables need to be ran to very specific requirements to pass relevant standards. Having a qualified data communications person evaluate and even analyze your data cabling could eliminate a lot of problems. We are experienced in running and installing all data cabling and all necessary hardware equipment for your data network configuration.

Switching Broadband?

Switching broadband provider can often result in more bandwidth, however the broadband provider will not supply an engineer to migrate to UPC business broadband for example. We have carried out several migrations, and have direct contact with upper channels. Once you upgrade your broadband speed, it’s a good idea to upgrade some of your hardware, such as Gigabit data switches and Wireless N Class Wifi access points .

Wi-Fi Installation

In terms if WiFi installations, we have upgraded several WiFi solutions for several hotels, restaurants and bars and will provide a full no obligation WiFi analysis. We can also advise on best ISP to fit your business solution. So if you have a hotel or bar and your customers would like better WiFi coverage or faster internet access, you should talk to us first.

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