Digital Marketing Research

So you think you have a business idea, or a product you can sell, and you might be in a situation where you were laid off due to the economic down turn, and started a business and it hasn’t taken off as you wised it had. Maybe you’re stuck in a job you that don’t like and want to start a business. We were all there at one stage. So you have tried advertisements on Google Ad Words and you have no idea what kind of return you received on your investment, or what quality traffic it generated? Maybe you have tried Facebook organic posts or even paid ads, and tweet on twitter regularly and feel that there’s nothing happening. You’ve probably heard from a social media guru that this is what you should be doing and it doesn’t actually work. The very first thing you need to do is “Market Research”. This means researching digital channels to see where your potential clients and customers are spending their time online.

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Get ahead of the competition

Undertaking digital marketing research involves researching your competitions activity in terms of what they are doing online and also identifying who their customers are and what they are saying online. We also look at specific industry reports and research whitepapers to identify future trends within the industry. Overall we look at the full picture and would combine this with a marketing strategy to complement our research.

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Give us a call on 01 9059007 as our digital marketing team are both qualified and experienced in digital marketing research and will set out clear and specific digital marketing goals based on this research. We are also very competitive on price, and specifically focus on the small business owner who is trying to carry out their digital marketing on a limited budget.

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