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Are you looking to bring your product to market, build a following on social media, or create begin displaying video ads on YouTube via the Google Display Network? Its difficult to gain the attention of prospective buyers though the mirage of social media sites while creating good video content. Maybe you don’t know where to start or don’t have the budgets to invest in expensive editing software.

We know that high speed internet has created the opportunity to view video content as easily as it is to read text, often easier. There are many video channels available, such as YouTube, Vimeo and now Facebook, Twitter and Google + are moving towards the video platform as it gets the attention of the visitor for longer periods of time.

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Some Benefits of Email Marketing

Advertising your product is crucial to your success as a business. Your video embeded on YouTube and Google+ sends targeted traffic to your site and increased the relevance of your page with Google, increasing your page rank.


The big companies have sold their products via expensive broadcast tv adverts, where viewership is really only estimated. Online or digital video content is being viewed at greater rates than traditional broadcast methods, where the visitor is sitting up, engaging with you on their computer. Big brands have also followed suit, and are bringing smaller versions of their tv ads online to channels such as YouTube.

the YouTube platform has made traffic from digital video content relatively cheap for paid clicks on Google, on their display network, and with your researched keywords in place, you are targeting your same audience across all chosen digital channels, with the same unified/uniform business identity branding.

Let us make your digital video content?

Get in touch with us today and we can build your animated video from scratch. We work to a sales script, plan out your 90 second or two minute video ad! And send to you in mp4 video format ready to upload to your website, social media channel or YouTube. Call us on 01 9059007 or via the feedback form below.

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