Fibre Broadband

Are you one of the many business and home that experiences inadequate broadband services? Maybe you are a graphic designer and your “traditional” broadband provider over adsl cannot give you the speeds you require to run your business. You need the power and speed of Fibre Power Broadband.

Are you struggling with uploading video or large image files within your organization, maybe cloud file sharing solutions just aren’t working out as you hoped they would, are you current broadband suppliers speeds really up to scratch? Maybe your getting a little frustrated because you cannot send large email files to suppliers or important clients? Maybe you want to collaborate with colleagues or empower an member of staff to work from home? Fibre power broadband is the solution.

Are you like some website designers that cannot use your adsl broadband service to upload websites to the server without errors? Your Internet connection can have a significant impact on how efficiently you and your employees are able to complete their daily tasks. Why wait to download and upload larger files? Out of necessity we have build strong affiliations with several ISPs in Ireland, like UPC. Furthermore, we can supply engineers to project manage and even migrate the existing services to your new or existing network infrastructure. So how can these services help your business?

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Are you ready to go faster…?

Want to step up to a super-fast broadband connection that’s built especially for business, with non-contended broadband?

Rather surf than sleep? We can get you connected to truly 100% unlimited broadband with no monthly usage limits – letting you download and browse around the clock. We also offer no line rental telephone lines within this package, and a choice of call packages to offer real value for money on our super affordable, super fast fibre optic broadband bundle packages. Our super fast service lets your busy business share the connection on multiple devices, without slowing down each other down!

UPC offer download speeds of up to 250mb/sec on a dedicated line. As a result, they can offer several voice lines within the same plan, so not only can you save of business line rental, as your would pay for with a traditional phone-line. you can avail of free telephone lines within a broadband package at no extra cost. Its a no-brainer as a cost saver on a ongoing basis.

And when we say super fast broadband, we mean it – our business broadband goes right up to 250mb.

  • Performance is completely maintained even during peak usage times.
  • Each and everything you do will be quicker. Connect more & more people to your broadband and permit them to do more things at once and do them faster!
  • Same day customer support, minimizes any risks to your connectivity, backed up by a fleet of open reach engineers.

By implementing our tailored fiber optic Internet solution, you can take benefit of your business’ full potential – utilizing the most reliable and fastest fiber optic broadband network available in Ireland.

The more your business relies on the Internet, the more you need us.


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