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So you’re putting out blog post as per your content marketing schedule and updating you’re adding new products to your eCommerce website with careful thought as to the content within the products for your search engine optimization strategy, but you are getting very little return visits from existing clients and customer?

Email is the one thing that has really remained unchanged from the beginning of the Internet. Most businesses use email as their primary form of communication, and although there have been radical changes in the form of Google Apps and Microsofts hosted exchange services, email is still being used. Internet marketers that use email marketing can drive bigger conversion rates – i.e. more opens and ultimately more sales from existing visitors.

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Some Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing tools are relatively inexpensive to start off. For example Mailchimp is free to use for the first 2,000 subscribers. So it costs next to nothing to get started, only the time to draft a weekly or monthly news letter, or to build up to a new launch of a product, so it aids in building anticipation to a launch. Email marketing can give you reports on who opened the email, how many time the email was opened. Email marketing would be considered placed middle of a sales funnel as a digital marketing tool, as it aids return visitors to our site.

    • Reach: a target audience for your brand, globally. You can communicate specific information to those who are interested in your product. Communicate less frequently with those who haven’t yet converted to an actual “Paid Customer” from a casual browser.


    • Ease of sharing: your email can easily be forwarded to a subscribers contact, so they too can signup, register or purchase from your business.


    • Segmentation: You can send specific emails to specific audiences, for example, you may have a product which suits a specific age group, such as a learning product for 50+ using iPads for the first time, or you may decide to market a service only available in Dublin or Cork, similar to how Groupon target their offers.


    • Return On Investment: Again, it’s all about the budget.With Google Analytics, you can set an acquisition value. Email marketing can give a return ration of 40:1. So for every €1 investment, business have seen a €4 return. Often these results are not typical of every market, but returns over this method are usually higher.



Let us set up your Email marketing strategy?

Get in touch with us today and we can assist in starting your email campaign! We can help bring in your existing contacts to keep them updated as to whats going on in your business etc. We can then integrate within your website in the form of a capture area, pop up or floating panel to increase signups. This can be done in a manner of a couple of hours, and we can then manage the monthly posts on a regular basis to increase the open rates of your emails. Call us on 01 9059007 or via the feedback form below.

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