Technology Solutions for Schools

Is your school IT running at peak efficiency? Are the computers running fast enough for your teachers to effectively teach the pupils in your school? Does your WiFi network give you full coverage around the building? We are experienced in the installation and support of many technology solutions for schools.

We are experienced in the installation of most standard educational IT equipment. Whether it is from the maintenance and upgrade of older computers to the installation of new desktop computers or personal laptops, we can effectively help to install, configure and maintain all schools IT equipment. We also install and maintain all audio visual equipment for schools, including projectors and interactive whiteboards. We can maintain and troubleshoot most types of interactive whiteboards in schools, as well as installing a retro fit solution for older projectors and whiteboards in use. We recommend the standardising of all computers in schools, which minimises network issues and additional callout charges, allowing you to spend schools IT budgets on the important stuff your school actually needs.

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Benefits of Standardising School Computers

    • Eliminates the unauthorised installation of unwanted or unnecessary computer software, keeping computers clean from unknown applications.


    • Prevent installations of third party hardware that can potentially circumvent schools IT security policies relating to content filtering.


    • Return On Investment: reliable network security and proper IT maintenance will save money on unnecessary service call outs.


So what can we do for you?

Get in touch with us today and we will gladly carry out a free, no obligation initial consultancy. Furthermore, if you give us a little more information about your network we will give you a free network report* We have a discounted rate on technology solutions for schools and charities. Drop us a line through our contact page.

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