New Range of iPhone Replacement Parts & Tools

iphone4digitizerAbout six weeks ago, just before I headed away to to Spain on holiday/vacation, the home button on my iPhone 4 stopped responding for about three hours. No matter what I did, whether I powered the unit down, held in the home button or continuously depressed the home button in, it would not return to the home page. I swapped over to my google nexus with the faulty screen, but at least I could make and receive calls.

I’m so used to the iPhone’s interface, have a lot of music and apps purchased over a five year period, and added to the fact that  it docks with my Pioneer in-car stereo system, it really surpasses the nexus on many levels. So I decided  to look around for replacement home button kit for the iPhone4. I stopped off in a few repair centres around Dublin ( three in total) and pricing came in, from two repair centres at €50 for the home button and 15 minutes work. I now have the product in stock. Complete with the tool set, it comes in at €25.00 in total.

We will be adding more iPhone and iPad spare parts over the coming weeks, as well as iPhone repair videos to help you get your iPhone repaired. Click here for more iPhone parts & tools.

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