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UPC Fibre Power Broadband

Our team have the knowledge of the various Broadband Service packages which are currently available in Ireland, such as UPCs Fibre Powered Broadband and Host Ireland’s Wireless Broadband with decent upload speeds. Depending on your organisation, our team can actually recommend a particular solution suited to your own needs and help get that installed for you.

If you are running a small to medium sized business, UPC have a Fibre Powered broadband solution, that will provide you with High Speed Internet with data speeds from 30Mb to 100Mb, with telephone lines bundled at no extra charge.

UPC SME Broadband

UPC Packages available as of March 2013.

Package Name DownStream UpStream Phone Lines Price
Business Fibre Power 30 30Mb 3Mb 2 Phone Lines €49
Business Fibre Power 50 50Mb 3Mb 4 Phone Lines €59
Business Fibre Power 75 75Mb 5Mb 6 Phone Lines €75
Business Fibre Power 100 100Mb 7Mb 8 Phone Lines €89

The prices above are UPC prices and product details are subject to change.

Benefits of UPC Fibre Power Broadband and Host Ireland Symmetrical Wireless Broadband.

Typical Benefits of the UPC Fibre Power Broadband / Fibre Optic Network are:

  • Dramatically reduced phone call rates. Also works with your existing VoIP Provider.
  • Allows remote workers to connect to central office and get access to documents with ease and with faster speeds.
  • Remote backups run quicker to external providers and also downloads of files in the event of recovery is faster.
  • Ideal for users of larger files / file types to synchronise betwwen collobrators, such as Graphic Designers,  Artists and Illustrators (Art Studios), Web Developers/ Web Designers, Archittects, video editors.
  •  Well suited for cloud services such as DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s Office 365/SharePoint & SkyDrive.

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