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Northside Enterprise Centre

Northside Enterprise Centre

We’ve just completed the design process to the website of the Northside Enterprise Centre @

The process took us through several stages in consultation… from initial conceptual ideas, to deciding on the placement of individual on page content, to designing the first wireframe. This gave our client the ability to see the layout.

The next stage was to develop a Mock-up, which was dimensionally accurate, added the correct fonts – in this case we used Google fonts and a 1200px layout. We decided on the colour scheme using “complimentary” schemes.

Once the last section was complete, we focussed on the web design elements, using twitter bootstrap and less.js. This sites code was developed and tested. A final meeting with the client was setup, and layout tested. Once this stage was approved we moved onto the final stage, which was turning into dynamic content and CMS. Finally after conversion, we tested the elements while allowing the client to provide website content.

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