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windows 8Using Windows 8

Windows 8 is the newest version of Windows and for many people it’s a bit frustrating to use. The old start button is gone and there’s also a new desktop version called Metro which uses “apps” much like you get in smartphones. In fact Windows 8 (RT Version)is also used on smartphones with the Metro interface. Here’s a little about what you need to know about Windows and how to begin use it.


Metro and the Desktop

Windows 8 includes two main modes. The first is the standard desktop. You can get to this by pressing the Windows key +D and you also have the confusing “Metro” interface where everything is an app. The normal desktop interface is probably what most people will use until they get used to the metro interface which takes time. You may or may not like this new change. You can also access the desktop by clicking at the top left of your screen.


Charms Bar

Press Windows key + C to get to the charms bar. This is where you’ll find search, apps, devices, start, and so on. You can also reach by moving your mouse or finger if you have a touch computer to the lower right of the screen. The charms bar makes it easy to manage your computer.

Click search to access all your apps. Form here you’ll see all the installed programs on your computer and you can scroll to find them all. You can also type in whatever you need to find in search and Windows 8 will find it for you. The search is better than Windows 7 and you will use this quite frequently. It’s one of the better parts of Windows 8. On the charms bar you can also access the control panel to make any changes to your computer. The settings section also gives you easy access to common setting like the Internet, sound, brightness and so on.



New touchscreen computers are optimized for Windows 8 and you can use touch to navigate the interface of Windows 8. Here are some common commands you need to know:

  • Swipe from the right – Windows Charm bar
  • Swipe From left – Switch apps if you have two running
  • Swipe left slowly- drags one app to display it beside another app.
  • Swipe left and back – shows apps in thumbnail view that are running.
  • Pull from top – Closes running app
  • Swipe Down – Brings up more menus.
  • Pinch – This zooms text and images.

Start-up and Shutdown

Windows 8 starts and shutdown very quickly unless the system is updating so you can begin working right away on the system. This is another great aspect to the Windows 8 system. In general the entire operating system seems more stable as well with no major crashes.


If You Use a Smartphone Windows 8 Will be Easy

For those that sue a smartphone all the Metro interface will be easy for you to learn. For others that like the regular desktop the metro design is best avoided and you should stick to the regular desktop. In the next update of Windows 8 the start button or version of it will return for users who need this back.

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